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Cape Verde politics & regional news

In Cape Verde on May 30, 2010 at 11:18 am


The Council of Ministers has approved alterations to “some aspects” of the Labor Code, such as, for example, in term contracts, for which exceptions have been allowed in the case of contracts of more than five years. The State will also take on expenses related to the publication of collective contracts and labor union statutes in the Official State Bulletin (A Semana).



“The Cape Verdean population is one of the most mixed in the world,” in which “57% of genes are of African origin and 43% of European origin.” This is the conclusion of the study “Genetic diversity in Cape Verde,” carried out by Jorge Rocha of the University of Porto’s Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology in Portugal (A Semana).


Cape Verdean President Pedro Pires was given the keys to the future Cape Verdean Cultural Center being installed in the prestigious Belém district of Portuguese capital Lisbon from the hands of Lisbon mayor António Costa (A Semana)


The University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) launched its first university-level professional course on the island of Santo Antão. Uni-CV offers a Social and Community Development major on Cape Verde’s northernmost island (A Semana).


São Vicente mayor Isaura Gomes has once again asked for a substitution for a five-day period. The municipal chamber president has justified the request with the need to continue her medical treatment (A Semana).

Cape Verde business news

In Cape Verde on May 30, 2010 at 11:17 am


The Jacaranda Lodges project in the town of Paul on Santo Antao island (Imobrisa).


The vice-director of the International Monetary Fund’s Africa Division, Valerie Cerra, affirms that Cape Verde’s economic performance has been “very positive” and that the “prudent” policies used resulted in a “quick reaction to the crisis” (A Semana).


Cape Verdean producers of grogue, a brandy distilled from fermented sugarcane juice, attended the 13th edition of the Expocachaça trade fair at the Expominas pavilion in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (A Semana).


Cape Verde is soon due to sign a “horizontal air agreement” with the European Union (EU), the first step in a process that will lead to an “open skies” policy with the 27-country block, Minister Manuel Inocêncio de Sousa said (Macauhub)


“Surfari Cape Verde” is a vacation package to the island of Sal being promoted by Portuguese travel agency Entremares this summer. As a part of the package, TACV Cabo Verde Airlines has offered to transport surfboards of up to 1.5 meters in length at no additional fee (A Semana).

Cape Verde received 92,000 tourists in the first quarter of the year,. a rise of 5.5 percent against the same period of 2009, the National Statistics Institute (INE) said (Macauhub).


Angola business news

In Angola on May 30, 2010 at 11:17 am


Angola’s parliament is due to vote on a new law that would end the central bank’s ability to determine monetary policy, a proposal submitted to parliament for approval showed (BusinessDay).

South African companies are discovering the business opportunities in Angola. Read the story at BusinessDay.

The fiscal and customs incentive policies adopted by Angolan Government in 2003 have been attracting investments into the country’s least developed provinces (ANGOP).

Fiscal Police effectives will need to redouble efforts in the fight against tax evasion, so as to guarantee better results in terms of revenue that can be channelled to the State’s General Budget (ANGOP).


Around 200 hectares of the land on which the future port of Luanda will be built, in Angola’s Bengo province, have been demined, the National De-Mining Institute (Inad) said (Macauhub).

Cooperation between Japan and Angola has made it possible to refurbish the port of Namibe, an investment worth US$24 million, the director general of the port, Bento da Paixão said (Macauhub).


In the slums of Angola’s capital Luanda lies one of Africa’s biggest outdoor markets, Roque Santeiro, where poor Luanda residents can make a living or buy cheap food for their families. Read the report at Reuters.


The International Businesses Bank (BNI) two more counters in Lobito and Benguela cities as part of the expansion of its services throughout the country (ANGOP).


The air company “Emirates” has just released recently in Dubai, a service to permit its clients to buy tickets through mobile phone, named “Mobile” (ANGOP).


Angoflex dealing in manufacturing pipes for oil firms has increased  its production from 80 to 200 pipes per day, in the first quarter of this year, its director-general, Philippe Monti, announced (ANGOP).

A new beer brand, dubbed “Tchizo”, was released in the northern Cabinda province, in a ceremony witnessed by the governor of northern Cabinda province, Mawete João Baptista (ANGOP).

Portuguese group Sociedade Lusa de Negócios (SLNI) is to build a cement factory in Angola under the terms of a contract signed in Luanda with the Angolan National Private Investment Agency (ANIP) (Macauhub).

Cape Verde political and regional news

In Cape Verde on May 24, 2010 at 7:41 pm


The opposition MpD asked the president of the National Statistics Institute (INE), António Duarte, to provide an explanation to the parliament’s Specialized Finance and Budget Commission regarding the figures presented by the institute on unemployment last week. INE data point to a 3.1 percentage point increase in Cape Verde’s unemployment rate (A Semana).

The leader of the  ruling PAICV’s parliamentary benches, Rui Semedo, admitted that unemployment rose in Cape Verde in 2009, but he justified the worsening because of the international crisis situation affecting the country in recent years (Inforpress).


Presidential candidate Jorge Carlos Fonseca met with a group of supporters in Lisbon in Portugal to speak of his run in next year’s presidential elections in Cape Verde. During the meeting, he affirmed that he expected the support of opposition party MpD (A Semana).


The Prime Minister has challenged the Praia local authorities to create a “monumental complex” paying tribute the city near Gamboa beach and serving to remind locals and tourists of the passage of Vasco da Gama (A Semana).

The municipalities of Praia and Ribeira Grande de Santiago have signed a sister-city protocol aimed at the joint development of the two districts in areas such as territorial management, culture and the economy. The foundation was also laid for the future creation of a metropolitan region that would also encompass the municipality of São Domingos (A Semana).

The 18th edition of Praia’s Gamboa Festival has begun, marked by a number of innovations. In categories ranging from the stage to the assistance area, the organization stands out for its creativity, diversity, comfort and safety during the two-day music festival (A Semana).


Low-intensity tremors have been felt in the northern part of the island of Santo Antão, in the municipalities of Paúl and RIbeira Grande (A Semana).


Tambla Almeida presents on Friday May 28th, at the Academy music Jotamont in São Vicente, his second short film, entitled “Ulime” (Here I am) (Inforpress).


Five breeders from Chã de Caldeiras and Cabeça Fundão in Fogo, were offered a set of equipment for installation of family cheese production (Inforpress).

Cape Verde business news

In Cape Verde on May 24, 2010 at 7:40 pm


The Copacabana residential complex in Mindelo on Sao Vicente (Tecnicil).


Credit rating agency Fitch this month maintained its rating on Cape Verde and the country’s outlook as “stable” despite warning of rises in public and foreign debt levels (Macauhub).


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a 15 million euro loan to Cape Verde to finance a wind energy project on four of the country’s islands (Santiago, Sao Vicente, Sal and Boavista), the institution announced (Macauhub).


Based on its dimensions and the number of people and amount of money it involves, cruise-ship tourism in Cape Verde is in need of a socio-economic impact and tourist satisfaction study (A Semana).


Recently created Vitalsum, an Italian-Cape Verdean company based on the island of São Vicente, has begun to produce three brands of red and white wine for the Cape Verdean and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) markets. Various types of juice are also in company’s plan for the next 12 months (A Semana).


The May/June issue of trade magazine Airports of the World has dedicated four pages to the island of Boa Vista and its international airport in a report entitled “Boa Vista: African beach paradise” (A Semana).


The second edition of the Cape Verdean tourism trade fair Expotur will take place in São Filipe Fort in Cidade Velha between June 25 and 27. With a “much larger” budget than last year, Expotur already has a 26% occupation rate for its stands, and this year’s theme will be “Back to the Origins” (A Semana).


US organization Africare has committed itself to help Cape Verde in the microcredit, small business, education and agricultural sectors, according to one of its founders, Curtir Winsor. The fact that the Cape Verdean community in the United States is made up largely of “good, hard-working and honest people” was a major contributing factor in the decision (A Semana).

Angola business news

In Angola on May 24, 2010 at 7:40 pm


Angola has asked the African Development Bank for loans to help rebuild its economy following a 27-year civil war, adding to funds from the International Monetary Fund and a possible international bond sale (Bloomberg).


Angola received credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service that put it on par with Nigeria, Lebanon and Belarus, and paved the way for a planned sale of international bonds this year (Bloomberg).


The provision of relatively affordable housing in Angola is becoming a promising investment opportunity, says the international property consultant group Colliers (News24).

A new shopping centre called Centro Comercial de Viana is under construction in the south of Luanda costing an initial US$15 million (Macauhub).


Fiat Group’s Iveco truck unit plans to invest $60 million in Angola in the next three years, in a bid to become the African nation’s top truck importer (BusinessDay).


The Angolan government banned the fishing of mackerel  and sardine unitil the end of the year following the need to protect some species in danger of  extinction (ANGOP).


In the period between 2006 and 2008, Angolan banking assets have risen at an average rate of 46%, from nearly USD 17.000 million to USD 35.000 million (ANGOP).


The Angolan government approved the appointment of the new board of directors of the railway companies of Luanda, Benguela and Mocamedes, of the National Civil Aviation Company (ENANA-EP), of the Angolan Airline (TAAG-EP) and of the Sea ports of Namibe, Lobito and Luanda (ANGOP).


Sociedade Mineira do Lucapa (SML) is due over the next few days to re-launch diamond mining after a 10-month halt due to a drop in demand as a result of the international financial crisis (Macauhub).


Biofuel production may contribute to agri-industrial development in Angola, establishing populations in rural areas where the projects will be carried out, the ninth consultation council of the Oil Ministry concluded (Macauhub).

Cape Verde: Politics & Regional

In Cape Verde on May 16, 2010 at 10:14 am


The Pró Zona Civic Movement will hold an event aimed at supporting Jorge Carlos Fonseca’s run in the 2011 presidential elections in Cape Verde. The event, organized by Cape Verdean immigrants in Portugal, will take place in the Portuguese city of Moita (A Semana).

José Moreira has been chosen as the new general secretary of the MpD. His election took place during a meeting of the party’s National Directorship in Assomada (A Semana).


A project aimed at developing the shorelines of the Poilão reservoir on the island of Santiago will begin next week. The first phase, which will include the construction of infrastructures, was financed by USAID the tune of 20 million escudos (A Semana).


National Police on the island of São Vicente affirm that a significant reduction in crimes against people and property was registered in April of this year, in comparison with the same period last year (A Semana).


The creation of a shipping company to operate on the line between São Antão and São Vicente is being studied by the Association of Municipalities of Santo Antão (AMSA) and a private group (Inforpress).

The City hall of Ribeira Grande of Santo Antão will need 1.8 million Euros for the urban restoration of the historical centre of the village Ponta do Sol (Inforpress).

The insertion of Santo Antão’s grogue in the list of alcoholic beverages marketed in key international markets is part of the improvement programme for grogue of Santo Antao (Inforpress).


Traders in Sal are discontented with the proliferation of Chinese shops on the island, which as they said turned into grocery stores and shops selling wholesale and retail (Inforpress).


The studies for the location of the first dams in São Nicolau were presented in Vila da Ribeira Brava, by the technical team in charge of this work and whose leader is the engineer Mota Gomes (Inforpress).

Cape Verde Business & Economy

In Cape Verde on May 16, 2010 at 10:14 am


Bank of Cape Verde governor Carlos Burgo has confirmed forecasts predicting a slight recovery for the nation’s economy, which is expected to grow between 4% and 5% this year, with a “significant” reduction of the risks predicted in initial forecasts. Burgo also forecasts growth in Cape Verde’s GDP and slight improvement in public revenues, but alerted to “existing risks and uncertainties” (A Semana).

A mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived in Cape Verde Thursday as part of the evaluation of the Policy Support Instrument (PSI) (Macauhub).


Portuguese travel agency Entremares is promoting its “Cape Verdean Triangle” program, which offers tourists three nights on the island of Sal, two nights on São Vicente and two nights on Santiago, with prices starting at 949 euros per person in double rooms (A Semana).


Sal will be the first municipality in Cape Verde to issue future bonds on the Stock Exchange to obtain financing. The Sal municipal assembly has approved the technical details of the public offer totaling 200 million escudos. Praia is likely to follow close on Sal’s heels, with a 450 million-escudo bond issue (A Semana).


The scanners purchased by port management company Enapor from Chinese firm Nuctech to heighten shipping container traffic security at Praia, Mindelo and Palmeira sea ports are expected to be operational starting next month (A Semana).

Angola Businesss News

In Angola on May 16, 2010 at 10:12 am


Artist’s impression of the Intercontinental Hotel & Casino, currently under construction in Angola’s capital Luanda (Skyscrapercity).


South Africa’s Trans Hex Group has partnered with Angolan state-owned diamond company Endiama and three other local companies to explore for diamonds at a new mine in Angola, Endiama said (BusinessDay).


The International Monetary Fund approved its first performance review of Angola’s 27-month IMF economic program and agreed to disburse a $171.1 million loan tranche (Reuters).


The first stage of the Lobito oil refinery will start operating in 2014 with a capacity to refine 115,000 barrels/day and offering 1,000 direct jobs, Angolan oil minister Jose Botelho de Vasconcelos revealed (Angop).


The northern Malange Province counts as from last Thursday on the first branch of Millennium Bank in the region (Angop).


A study of the Angolan telecommunication sector, carried out from 2007 to 2008, recommends mobile network operators to make an annual investment  average of USD 750 million in order to improve the services provided to consumers (Angop).

Cape Verde news update, May 9th

In Cape Verde on May 11, 2010 at 7:51 am


Orlanda Ferreira, a member of opposition party MpD’s National Directorship, has been chosen by the party leadership to take the position of the political force’s secretary general (A Semana).


The Budget Support Group (BSG) considers that Cape Verde’s budget performance in 2009 was “positive overall”, especially regarding good governance, the group’s coordinator stated in Praia (Macauhub).

The Cape Verdean government has laid the first stone of the single power transmission plant on Santiago Island, where the capital of the archipelago, Praia, is located, a project that is expected to cost 44 million euros (Macauhub).


The President of Guinea Bissau, Malam Bacai Sanhá, was in Praia Sunday morning, where he was welcomed by Cape Verdean President Pedro Pires. The two heads of state analyzed the political situation in Guinea Bissau, with Sanhá calling on solidarity from Cape Verdeans. Pires, for his part, called for the people of Guinea Bissau to remain united (A Semana).

The creation of a Cape Verdean embassy in Libya to help intensify relations between the two countries, particularly on the business level, was approved in this week’s meeting of the Council of Ministers. With its presence in Libya, Cape Verde hopes to defend the nation’s interests and further affirm its identity in the world (A Semana).


Boa Vista witnessed the largest popular manifestation in its history Saturday morning, when a march with the theme “Peace, safety and integration” brought together more than 3,500 people. All of the island’s communities, both Cape Verdean and foreign, joined together to give a demonstration of hope and peace following the murder of a Guinea Bissauan citizen during the week (A Semana).

“Cape Verde needs to institute a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) as soon as possible in order to combat money laundering in the country,” affirms the director general of the Inter Governmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA) (A Semana).

Carlos Veiga, the leader of opposition party MpD, told journalists that what he called “taking hostage” of the São Vicente municipal chamber “was not legitimate,” although he affirmed that police authorities should carry out searches in public institutions when evidence of irregularities exists. The opposition leader also said he was convinced the police operation was “politically motivated” and has called on justice to function equally for all (A Semana).


The “Santo Antão Tourism & Business Guide” is a platform for the promotion of the island’s business, commercial, industrial and agricultural fabric produced by the company GlobalMédia (A Semana).

Coculi and Chã de Igreja, on the island of Santo Antão, will see their status raised to that of town in July, according to guarantees given by the secretary general of the governing PAICV, Armindo Maurício, who also represents the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão in parliament (A Semana).

The works of restoration and expansion of the port of Porto Novo will start on the date initially planned for this month, May, according to guarantees given to the owner of the works by the Portuguese – Cape Verdean consortium, which will implement the project (Inforpress).

The Ministry of Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources wants to conduct studies and preparation up to 2012 for at least five hydrographical basins in Santo Antão (Inforpress).


CVMultimédia has announced yet another reduction in broadband Internet service rates. The new rates went into effect on May 1, 2010 (A Semana).

Angola news update, May 9th

In Angola on May 11, 2010 at 7:51 am


Angola, which is expecting a sovereign credit rating next week, is likely to postpone an international bond sale of as much as $2 billion and will instead opt to sell $1 billion of domestic debt (Bloomberg).


The number of mobile-phone users in Angola has increased to eight million, due to the market liberalization in the 1990s, said the national director of Telecommunications, Pedro Mendes de Carvalho (Angop).


Servisair, a new Angolan airline, is due to start operating Wednesday with a flight between the cities of Luanda and Lubango in Huíla province (Macauhub).


The first edition of the Angola Real Estate Fair (Sima) opened in Luanda, attended by over 50 companies (Macauhub).

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Cape Verde news update, May 2nd

In Cape Verde on May 2, 2010 at 10:51 am


Praia mayor Ulisses Correia e Silva said that the search carried out by the Judiciary Police in the São Vicente municipal chamber building was an excessive show of force. According to Correia e Silva, if similar measures had been taken regarding acts committed by the previous administration of the Praia municipal chamber, war tanks and bazookas would have been needed (A Semana).


Cape Verde is in the race to host the headquarters of the Institute of West Africa (IWA) (Inforpress).


Construction and real-estate company Sogei has unveiled its headquarters in one of the two buildings it has completed in Praia’s Chã d’Areia district, where two more business towers – one to serve commercial bank BAI and the other the future headquarters of the bank Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde – are under construction, making up what is already being called Praia’s financial district (A Semana).

The workers of the company Construções de Cabo Verde (CVC) that went  on strike for a period of 24 hours, demanded a salary readjustment around 20 percent, retroactive salary accumulated and better balance between the various sectors within the company (Inforpress).


The BAI offices in downtown Praia (Sogei).


The Cape Verdean airline company TACV started weekly flights connecting São Vicente and Lisbon (Inforpress).

During the first quarter of 2010, passenger traffic in Cape Verde’s airports grew 9.1% in relation to the same period last year. Amílcar Cabral International Airport on the island of Sal, with a total of 161,007 passengers and growth of 6% in comparison to the first quarter of 2009, accompanied the upward trend that appears to be spurring the world economy and the Cape Verdean tourism sector (A Semana).

Minister of Internal Administration Lívio Lopes presided over the unveiling of the Secure Automatic Exit and Entry Process system (known by the Portuguese-language acronym PASSE) at Boa Vista International Airport (A Semana).

The projects planned for the Sal, Boa Vista and Praia airports could come to be financed by the African Development Bank, according to an announcement by Airport and Air Security company ASA administrative council president Mário Paixão at the end of a brief visit by African Development Bank president Donald Kaberuka (A Semana).

The volume of air cargo moved in Cape Verde registered an overall reduction of two percent in the first trimester of 2010 (Inforpress).


Users of Internet services provided by Cabo Verde Multimédia, a subsidiary of Cabo Verde Telecom, have been experiencing frequent problems, with no explanations provided by the company (A Semana).


Praia mayor Ulisses Correia e Silva said that the municipal chamber is going to build a new central market in the city. The new market is to be located on the current site of the Coco soccer field in order to improve sanitary and organizational conditions. Correia e Silva presented the project for the market to Praia’s saleswomen (A Semana).


Germany is to invest 40 million euros in four wind farms on four islands in the Cape Verdean archipelago, Cape Verde’s Tourism Minister said (Macauhub).

Angola news update, May 2nd

In Angola on May 2, 2010 at 10:51 am


Portugal will donate 800 million euros ($1.07 billion) to Angola and lend it a further 800 million euros. Most of the money will probably be used to pay off Angola’s debt to Portuguese building companies (Bloomberg).

The National Private Investment Agency (ANIP) approved in 2009 a total of 618 private investment proposals in non-oil sectors, the coordinator of the institution, Aguinaldo Jaime, informed (ANGOP).


The BAI (Banco Africano de Investimentos) 2009 net incomes of reached 231 million USdollars against 166 millions recorded last year (ANGOP).

Angolan bank, Banco Totta Monday changed its name to Banco Caixa Geral Totta de Angola following a change in its shareholder structure (Macauhub).


Angola’s pavilion at the Expo Shangai 2010 may attract, during the six months of exhibition, a total of six million visitors, thereby surpassing the four million that visited the Angolan pavilion at the Expo Saragoza 2008 of Spain, ANGOP has learnt.

Angola’s Energy Minister Emmanuela Vieira Lopes said that it was necessary to interconnect the electricity systems of the member state of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) (Macauhub).

Trade between Angola and saw a sharp fall in 2009 when compared to the two previous years (Macauhub).


Angolan investors including oil company Sonangol SA may buy a stake of between 3 pecent and 5 percent in Galp Energia SGPS SA if Eni SpA sells its 33 percent holding (Bloomberg).


At least 18.0 billion US dollars will be necessary until 2018 for investment in production, transportation and distribution of power (ANGOP).


Angolan company Refriango plans to increase its production of soft drinks this year and start exporting its products to the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) (Macauhub).