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In Cape Verde on March 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm


President Jorge Carlos Fonseca has been invited by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to participate in the High Level Segment of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, known as Rio+20 (A Semana).

Negotiations within the framework of the Partnership for Mobility between Cape Verde and the European Union have been concluded after two years of discussions, with Cape Verde managing to make the long-awaited visa facilitation accord a reality. In order for the accord to be accepted by the EU, Cape Verde had to accept the repatriation of Cape Verdean citizens living illegally in the European Community space (A Semana).



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Finance Minister, Cristina Duarte began a four-day visit to China during which she is scheduled to meet with her Chinese counterpart Xie Xuren as well as with officials from the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministries. Mrs Duarte will also visit Singapore and Japan (AW).

Dutch border police have uncovered a cocaine smuggling route between Peru and the Netherlands. The investigation focuses on two airline employees whose job it was to get the cocaine past customs. The drugs were hidden in the suitcases of drug couriers. So far, 11 suspects have been arrested: eight Dutchmen, two people of ‘no fixed abode’ and one person from the Cape Verde Islands (Focus).


Brazil’s Minister of Defence has said that his government will donate Bandeirante aircraft to Cape Verde for maritime patrol duties, as it strengthens defence cooperation with the archipelago (Defenseweb).

Military and civilian maritime professionals from West Africa, Europe, and the United States finalized a challenging training agenda for exercise Saharan Express 2012, which is to be executed later this spring off the coast of Cape Verde (Defpro).


The winners in the 23 categories in the 2012 edition of the Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) all shared feelings of “joy and responsibility” for the recognition of their work. The night’s big winner was Mirri Lobo, who took home four prizes, but the high point was the message aging singer Bana delivered to the public (A Semana).


The National Assembly has approved a request undersigned by 1,132 citizens calling for the region of Santa Maria on Sal Island, to be elevated to the category of municipality. The local population is jubilant, but this is only the beginning of a process that will culminate with the approval of a law instituting the new municipality on the island (A Semana).


32-year-old Alberto Carlos Monteiro, better known as Calú d’António de Batcha, died in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 11, after being hit by a pickup truck on the newly-opened Ribeira da Torre road in Ribeira Grande, on the island of Santo Antão (A Semana).


A Portuguese company will salvage the tug Leopard stranded on Gale beach in Mindelo, as well as the Mar Azul vessel, which sunk in the Porto Grande in 2010 (AW).