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A Grand Tour of Cape Verde

(mudar para Portugues) Everybody knows more or less how a Grand Tour of Europe would look like. A person visiting the Old World would probably start in the great cities of London or Paris, make a side trip to the canals of Amsterdam, passing Brussels on the way to check out the EU capital. He or she would then travel up the Rhine, passing Cologne and the romantic castles further up. Going further south from there our visitor would cross the Alps and descend into Italy probably visiting Venice, then on to Pisa, Florence and finally Rome. If he would have plenty of time he or she might jump over the Greece, to visit ancient legendary sites and Athens. Going up again through Italy, the French Riviera is a must as is Barcelona on the Spanish side of the border. Further south again are Madrid and Seville. Those would be more or less the highlights of Europe, though one could think of plenty alternatives of course. Our visitor might skip Scandinavia, Ireland, Portugal and Easter Europe and leave something for later. You can’t have it all!

Let’s do this exercise with Cape Verde. This small nation of 500.000 people in fact is spread out over a large area consisting of 9 inhabited islands and a lot of Atlantic ocean. Though inter-island connections are relatively well organised, it takes some effort to visit more than one island.

What should a first time visitor get to see? Or where should anybody who hasn’t been to the country for a long time go? The country is changing fast and the island structure makes it hard to catch up on developments if you are visiting just one or two islands. You could of course simply visit them all, but not everybody will.

We hope you enjoy this trip, worth around three weeks of holidaying. We have shown four different islands, each with a unique landscape, culture, style, economy and future. We are sure that you will find in Cape Verde something that is to your liking.

And, these three weeks are not enough! It’s not just that we are sure you will be back, there are also half a dozen islands we haven’t even discussed yet. We have only shown the highlights and the most accessible places. But just like with a Grand Tour of Europe, you cannot see or “do” it all. So on a next visit to Cape Verde our visitor can choose to go back to one or more of the islands we have just described and stay there a bit longer for a more in depth visit. Or our visitor can come back for a round of “new” islands. That’s why we have added a short tour of marvelous Boa Vista, set to be another major tourist hub in Cape Verde.

So do the Grand Tour of Cape Verde with us and read about these fantastic islands:

Part 1: Santiago

Part 2: Sao Vicente

Part 3: Santo Antao

Part 4: Sal

Part 5: Boa Vista

In future editions we want to show you Fogo, the volcanic Fire Island, with its homegrown and excellent wines, fruits and coffee as well as old colonial towns. We want to show you cute little Brava next door, São Nicolau (good for trekking and one of the cradles of Capeverdean culture) and Maio with its endless sandy beaches…

So we will be back just like you!

2nd Edition January 2012, 3rd Edition July 9th 2012, 4th Edition (Boa Vista) September 3rd 2012.



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  1. That`s very interesting piece of article!

    After having read it I just would like to draw your attention to off the track towns, such as the one called PEDRA BADEJO on the Island of Santiago- the hometown of Katchas, the father of Funana Music. The place is worth visiting as much as it is no purpose to look for it in the guide books- they all will direct you to touristic Tarrafal, which very nice place by the way. But still, touristic.

    Relax on the vast beach, wandering through narrow streets of a real cape verdean town, ishermen at work, hiking opportunities, fruit plantations or grog factories.

    I came to Pedra Badejo accidentally and the town has really got my heart so I thought it`s worth spreading the word.

    Ps. When it comes to accommodation- there`s place for everybody as well- you can stay in comfortable beach hotel or you can simply put your tent at the beach!

  2. @Emilia: Pedra Badejo is nice and worth the visit, but please don’t call Tarrafal “touristic”. NOTHING here is “touristic”. Last time I have seen some tourists here is already weeks ago 😉

    • @Sir Francis :) I agree, Tarrafal is probably very popular among daytrippers from Praia and other local tourists, but not so much foreign ones. Pity though!

  3. Next week the final report ??? What about the other islands ?

    You have to Keep this up; it gives a wonderful insight to the inner sights of the islands “Love it”

    I also agree the government should be doing more for the investors that stand to lose so much money because of the developers taking the law into their own hands and destroying the good reputation of the islands. As it stands, no one will invest if things don’t change !

    • Yep, next week’s Sal report is the last – but for the time being! The other islands will come later, be assured!

  4. thanx for the second part of my great island st antao i thought the first one was really short and now i understand why….very nice to read about the island where my heart longs for..thank you very much for such nice words and hopefully it will inspire others whe never been there yet to visit this island. Also nice to mention is that my friend Benny dos Santos is busy with a new eco resort near cruzinha! so we will keep you posted….
    love from Alice

  5. Hi Alice, glad you liked it!
    Yes, keep us informed about the new developments in Santo Antao.
    Cruzinha seems like a good place for a new ecoresort, plenty of sunshine too!


  6. Many Thanks, it’s been a great experience reading…. Don’t wait too long though !!!

  7. I am off to Boa Vista tomorrow, can anyone give us any top tips! We are in an all inclusive as a last minute resort but want to get out and about and see the real island!

  8. Hi,
    we used to spend 2 weeks on the CapVerd’s (from dec. 17 to dec 28) to avoid the german christmas stress. We are not experienced travellers – therefore we can’t compare but it was a very very relaxed time there. Even our daughters (14 and 17) were not bored because of all the watersport possibilities (diving, snorkeling, kite and wind surfing). Wonderful beaches but an awful island (Sal).

  9. Really nice documentary – thanks! But why not expand this documentation with reports on the other islands – Fogo, Brava, Sao Nicoalo etc.?

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