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Cape Verde Flight Guide

Atlantico Weekly offers business and independent travelers to and from Cape Verde an overview of all flights that you can book individually and that available from early november 2012. Included is the Winter 2012/13 timetable of TACV Cape Verde Airlines international flights.

Why? Try searching flights at the usual search machines: the low cost and charter companies like Tui, Arkefly and Thompson do not show, just the regular flights. You will have to search each and every company’s site to look for the best flights.

We at Atlantico Weekly provide you the best possible overview of all bookable flights to and from Cape Verde in the next six months. You still need to go to the company sites in order to verify availability and book, but at least you have seen every possible option.

Our list may not be complete as it it is a first try and a labour of love. Any feedback is welcome at atlanticoweekly at Atlantico Weekly can not be held responsible or liable for incomplete or outdated information. Contact us when in doubt!

We have excluded full charter flights where you cannot book individually. The info presented hails directly from the airline sites and TACV kindly provided us with their new timetable.

Cape Verde is steadily developing into a air transport hub and it already connects four continents. The creative traveller will enjoy the possiblities. You now have the choice to fly straight to Cape Verde or fly cheaply to another European destination and book a different flight from there to Cape Verde.

We hope our overview helps you looking for the best dates and companies to suite your needs. With all options at the ready you can visit the company sites that you want, check if the flight is available and book your seat there!

Click here for the full Cape Verde 2012-13 Flight Guide

Just looking for TACV flights?

Click here for TACV Cape Verde Airlines Winter 2012-13 timetable

Have a good flight!

  1. Great service! I just miss the flights from and towards Fogo, since I am living on Brava and the FastFerry nowadays only goes to Praia on monday and friday. Wednesday and saturday I can reach only Fogo by boat. It would be so nice to know which flights I could take from there, to take me further.

  2. Hi, brilliant list, thank you! However, all the TUI nordic flights from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are missing. Also, I believe that flights from several eastern European countries have been added. Not sure though whether these are direct flights…

  3. Great job !
    Have you done the Summer 2013 edition ?

  4. Great job! I’ll really appreciate your effort. I’m looking forward for the summer edition to see the updates.

    As a suggestion: Adding time schedules to the Full Guide as they’re shown in the TACV timetable, would be a plus. Although, I know is really hard work going into so much detail.

  5. It’s getting a bit late for the summer 2013 time table you keep mentioning!

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