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Don Xavier

Entrepreneurs of Cape Verde: Don Xavier

Hi Don, could you please tell the readers of Atlantico Weekly who you are? Certainly, I am a Capeverdean-Canadian author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, born in the small town of Piasco on Fogo Island, Cape Verde. Since starting in the financial services industry back in 1987 at a large Canadian insurance company, I have gone from an agent knocking on doors to the position of District Branch Manager. Then I continued to build a successfull insurance and investment brokerage (MGA) with over 180 producing advisors, aswell as owning a branch of mutual funds. I have written two Canadian bestselling books: Motivational Cycles to Successful Selling (first and second edition) and Unleash the Magnet in You, my latest publication. I have also contributed my writing skills to books such as American Caboverdeano, magazines, newspapers and internet blogs. I am the host of the internet show “Motivational Television” and have been featured in many radio, movies and television programs. My other credits include entrepreneurship with restaurants, an actor’s workshop and in addition I am an active member of ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) and SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). I have facilitated over 500 conferences, seminars and courses for many institutions and audiences in various countries including Pro-Seminars, advocis, industry events, managing general agencies, associate general agencies, mutual fund dealers, hotel andrestaurant employees, schools, multi-level marketers, the general public andcompany sales professionals.

Could you describe your business? What exactly is a motivational speaker? As a motivational speaker my goal is to excite people into taking positive actions in order to enhance their quality of life and business. I am a dynamic speaker with a super-awesome attitude inspiring action with my keynote deliverances for anyone who wants to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness today!

Why did you become an entrepreneur? I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to have the freedom of creating my own opportunities. I would rather work 16 hours a day for myself than work 8 hours for someone else.

What is your relation with Cape  Verde at the moment? Do you go there regularly? I have a very strong relationship with Cape Verde and have properties and investments in two islands at the moment, including a house in Santa Maria, Sal. I travel to Cape Verde on average two or three times per year.

Could you name one of your highlights or successes? Relating to business, I would have to give you more than one: my company Versatile Financial Group, my best selling books, my acting career, my dream homes in Cape Verde and Canada and the opportunity to travel and speak for a living and help people make their dreams a reality.

What was the biggest problem you encountered as an entrepreneur? I have not encountered any challenges as an entrepreneur. However, as an entrepreneur I must say that it has been a massive experiment in this challenging world. Challenges are part of life and business and therefore I have remained focused and exited in the face of diversity, challenges and fatigue to stay ahead of the game in order to win!

What do you recommend to other entrepreneurs in general and specially when setting up a business in Cape Verde? Can you motivate and inspire them? In my perspective as a motivator and entrepreneur, I believe that right now is the best time to set up a business in Cape Verde. You must have a solid blueprint or business plan, have a location, have unique products and provide extreme service and support second to none along with a winning attitude and the expectation to succeed. My many programs will bring a simple yet powerful message full of passion to my audience. My message will leave you and your group with a positive mental attitude striving to achieve greatness. The ideas, principles and techniques with real life examples are super-motivational and they can be implemented by anyone, in any industry, immediately.

Thank you, Don! I thank you sincerely for allowing me to tell you and your readers my story.

August 27th 2012. All rights reserved by Atlantico Weekly.