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Be welcome to check out our opinion pages, posted by various authors from Cape Verde and abroad. From time to time we will add our own pieces or join the debate. Sometimes the debate will be in English, sometimes in Portuguese.

LATEST: The Rise of the PACs

Meet three booming Portuguese-speaking African Countries. The rise of the what? Another acronym, you say? Well, why not… In Portuguese the countries are called PALOPs, the Paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa (or African Countries with Portuguese as Official Language). So we call them PACs. Three PACs have become booming economies and nobody is stopping them: Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique. Check it out.

This opinion article is a reaction to a recent piece in The Economist: Can Brazil Conquer Africa’s Booming Markets?

Our first debate focuses on the future of Ribeira Grande on Santo Antao. It was inspired by a piece on Facebook by Paulino Dias. Read our reaction, named Ribeira Grande em 2025. And be welcome to join the debate!

Our second article focuses on Cape Verde’s Renewable Energies Strategy, taking a look at the government’s goals, the present state of energy supply in the country and the future opportunities for the government, consumers and businesses alike. Comments welcome!

Our third article deals with  Cape Verde’s Unique Aviation Opportunity and promotes a growth strategy for TACV, the country’s struggling airline.

Seja bem-vindo as nossas páginas de opinião, publicadas por vários autores de Cabo Verde e do estrangeiro. De vez enquando vamos adicionar nossas peças próprias ou participar no debate. O debate será em Inglês ou em Português.

Nosso primeiro debate centra-se sobre o futuro da Ribeira Grande na ilha de Santo Antão. Foi inspirado por uma peça no Facebook de Paulino Dias. Leia a nossa reação, chamada Ribeira Grande em 2025. E participe no debate!



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Tambem apresentamos um artigo sobre a Estrategia de Cabo Verde na area das Energias Renovaveis, e as oportunidades de negocios.

O nosso ultimo artigo chama-se Que futuro para os TACV?